• The format of the league is called Test T20.
  • All matches will be of 20 overs each side, divided into 2 innings of 10 overs each.
  • Follow on can be imposed on the opponent if there is a gap of 50 Runs and more. This is completely at the discretion of the Captain whose team is leading.
  • 10 overs of each innings must be completed within 45 minutes, 10 minutes allocated for change over between each innings
  • In case of slow over rate the team will lose the equivalent number of overs during their batting. Umpires will take a final call on whether there was any interference by the batting team which caused the bowling team to delay their completion of 10 overs. Batting innings will stop on the time allotted for that innings and accordingly penalty will be applied on the respective teams.
  • Tied match gets a result via super over. If super over is tied then result will be calculated first by more number of Sixes in the whole match, if that is same then more number of Boundaries, if that is same then a coin toss will decide the outcome of the game.
  • In both innings of the super over, the fielding side will choose from which end to bowl. The team batting second in the match will bat first in the one over eliminator. The loss of two wickets in the over ends the teams one over innings.
  • A bowler can bowl a maximum of 4 overs per match. Minimum 5 bowlers are to be used in 2 Innings. A bowler can complete his entire quota in any one innings. Best 11 players picked by the captain can be on the field and substitutions can be done only for fielding after consulting with the umpire. A substitute cannot bowl under any circumstance.
  • A bowler can bowl only one fast-short pitched delivery (bouncer) per over. Umpire at the bowler’s end shall indicate the bowler and the striker when the first fast short pitched delivery has been bowled in that over. All such subsequent deliveries in a single over shall be declared as no ball by the umpire.
  • The next delivery following a no ball shall be a free hit for the batsman facing it. For any free hit, the striker can be dismissed only under the circumstances that apply for a No Ball i.e. 1) Handling the Ball, 2) Hit the Ball twice, 3) Obstructing the field 4) Run Out. If the same batsman is on strike, the captain of the fielding side cannot change the field. However, if the batsmen have crossed during the no ball delivery, then the field may be changed.
  • Power-Play and Field Restrictions:
    • 1st Overof all innings will be bowled using a pink colored ball. In the PINK Over all the fielders will be inside the 30-yard circle.
    • For the next 3 overs of each innings, only two fielders are permitted to be outside the 30-yard inner circle.
    • For the remaining overs, minimum 4 fielders must be inside the 30-yard inner circle (this does not include the wicket keeper & bowler).
    • In the event of an infringement of (1), (2), (3) or (4) the Umpire shall call and signal a “No Ball”.
    • If a batsman retires himself or the captain retires a batsman for reasons other than injury or sickness, then that batsman will be considered retired out and he will not be allowed to bat again.
  • Minimum 11 players from the entire squad should be present before the match starts. Balance players must report on the ground within the grace period of 20 minutes of the reporting time. Timings are already mentioned to the Captains, Vice-Captains, and Managers. Leaders of the team would be responsible for the punctuality of the team members coming to play the match.
  • Totally 12 players in a side are eligible to bat over 2 Innings of Test T20
  • No runner will be allowed to the batsman while batting (under any circumstances).
  • Any disturbance in the form of cheering or other noises that would disturb the batsmen, after the bowler starts the run-up will not be allowed & the ball will be declared as dead ball. This is a call which will be taken by the Umpire.
  • Any objection taken against the Umpire by a batsman, a bowler, an opposing captain, or any other team member will not be entertained.
  • Umpires decisions will be final and players must abide by the decision under any circumstance.
  • The umpires are authorized to intervene in cases of:
    • Reporting Time
    • Time wasting
    • Damaging the pitch
    • Sledging, Abusive Language, or violent actions
    • Dangerous or unfair bowling
    • Tampering with the ball
    • To dispute an umpire's decision by word, action, or gesture
    • Cheating or any such practice, for instance:
      • To appeal knowing that the batsman is not out
      • To advance towards an umpire in an aggressive manner when appealing
      • Try to distract an opponent either verbally or by harassment with persistent clapping or unnecessary noise under the guise of enthusiasm and motivation of one's own side.
    • In the event of the batsman found guilty of using offensive language on the field such as:
      • Swearing at the umpire, or any other player or spectator.
      • Showing dissent at the umpire’s decision
      • Manhandling an umpire, the bowler, the fielder, batsman or spectator
      • Kicking the stumps or hitting the stumps with the bat when given out. For all the above-mentioned points, the organizing committee of KOOH Sports will take appropriate action against the player.
All match rules for the tournament shall be subject to weather/ ground conditions and the playing terms shall be modified suitably.
  • All the game balls (Pink & White) will be provided by KOOH Sports
  • Team captains should return the match ball to Umpires after each innings.
  • If any team walks out of the ground for whatsoever reasons without the umpire’s consent, it will be deemed that the team has forfeited the game and points will be given to the opposite team.
  • Before the start of each game, both team captains should clarify all rules or clear any doubts with the umpires. Once the match starts no protests on the rules will be entertained.
  • Team captain is responsible for ensuring that the matches are played in the right spirit of the game.
  • Any player that does not turn up for the match within 20 minutes (of grace period) of scheduled start time, will get a yellow card warning and if it happens second time then he will not be allowed to play the next match.
  • If any team is late beyond the grace time of 20 minutes, they will lose the batting overs equivalent to the time lost. The loss stats will be communicated by the umpires to the captain.
  • Winning team gets 4 points in qualifying table.
  • Any team winning by an Inning will get a Bonus of 4 Points.
  • Any team winning by 30 runs difference will get a Bonus of 2 Points.
  • Any team winning by 7 wickets will get a Bonus of 2 Points.
  • Match Abandoned: If a match is washed out or cancelled for any unavoidable reasons, then both teams will share the points equally, i.e. 2 Points Each.
  • Semi Finals will be played between
    Top Team of Group 1 v/s Second Team of Group 2
    Top Team of Group 2 v/s Second Team of Group 1
  • Bronze Finals will be played between the two losing teams of Semi Finals
  • Championship Finals will be played between the winning teams of Semi Finals
  • KOOH Sports will not be responsible for any loss/damage/injury occurring during the course of the tournament or after the tournament. A first aid kit will be provided at the venue but in case of a player needing immediate medical attention, all medical expenses must be borne by the player. Under no circumstances, KOOH Sports will not be held liable for any such expenses.
  • KOOH Sports believes in sporting fun along with safety of all the players, we urge you to use the best of your helmets and guards which is prescribed by your coaches and team consultants.
  • KOOH Sports will not be held responsible for any injury to the player where he is not wearing all the required guards and protections while batting, fielding in the closer positions and while wicket keeping.
  • KOOH Sports will not be responsible for any personal/material loss or theft during the tournaments or after the tournaments.
  • KOOH Sports will not be responsible in case cancellation or postponement of the matches due to any unforeseen/natural circumstances or circumstances that may be beyond control of KOOH Sports.
  • Request for postponement and/or shifting of matches by the teams shall not be entertained.
  • Smoking and Alcohol consumption is strictly not allowed.

    Note: In matter of doubts/issues/queries not covered by the tournament rules, the decision of the Organizing committee present on the ground will be final and binding upon all concerned as per the standard rule.
    KOOH Sports reserves the rights to all decisions pertaining to any issues/concerns raised during and after the tournament. 





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